My Ultimate QRP Rig

Here’s what I would want it to be

  • All bands
  • AM FM SSB CW Digital
  • Integrated paddles/keyer
  • Have a display that decodes digital modes
    • PSK31 / CW / JT65 / WSPR
  • Speaker so you can monitor sidetone and digital regardless of how the rig is connected to a computer or other audio device
  • Simple way to connect a high end mic/pre-amp/audio studio
  • 5-10 Watts
  • Internal Antenna Tuner
  • Internal Battery, rechargeable
  • Wire Antenna connector and BNC, switchable
  • Small footprint, of course
  • Compatible with OSX for Panadapter, rig control and Digital modes

Did I just describe the KX3?

2013 Hamvention Product Announcements

Moving the twitter thread to the wp blog.

  • There doesn’t appear to be a central place that aggregates the new product announcements at this year’s Hamvention.
  • Maybe there aren’t any?

If you’re at the show, that have you seen?

I’m particularly interest in new QRP rigs.

Transmit Problem HB1B Redux

After replacing the Final PS transistor as discussed in this thread, I thought the issue had been resolved.

But something weird happened this morning as I used the iambic keyer to call CQ, it appeared the box got ‘stuck’ on transmit, I saw the SWR climb to about 1:3.

I quickly switched off the device and tried again.

When it got stuck in transmit, I ‘jiggled’ the keyer by sending couple random dits and dahs and the transmit stopped.

I tried again. This time when it got stuck I looked at everything I could to gather as much dat as possible.:

  • SWR rises to 1:3
  • LCD does not show the ‘P’ indicator, but ‘S’ with a full receive signal.
  • Audio turned to a bit of a squealing distortion
  • Smoke came out of the unit and the screw that affixes the Final PA Transistor to the housing was very hot to the touch.
  • I opened the housing and verified visually that the transistor was damaged

So I replaced the transistor again, and again have full power on transmit, but am seeing it get stuck again and the SWR climbing with the squealing sound.

I switched the unit off and am posting this now to see if there are any ideas out there as to what I should look at as the culprit here.

As always, any feedback and input is highly appreciated.

YouKits HB-1B Transmit problem

Today While tuning an antenna my HB1B suddenly dropped in transmit power from it’s regular 5watts to less than 500mw

I am presuming that I blew something up

Does anyone have any experience with these rigs and this particular problem?

Is it something I can fix myself, or at least diagnose myself?

Receive still works fine

Strange Data Loss

Yesterday I used Fargo to create this blog post from my main outline

I updated the post several times by clicking on the wordpress icon

I closed my browser last night

This morning, when I opened fargo, my main outline did not open. Instead there was a single outline opened named “Untitled”

I closed this outline and opened my main outline from the file menu

Upon reviewing this outline I noticed that the post from the previous day was no longer in the outline.

I closed fargo and used the opml editor to review all versions of my main outline in the smallPicture folder in my dropbox

I even looked at a full 24 hour’s worth of ‘previous versions’ of my main outline on dropbox, but nowhere was a version to be found with the post in it that I made

I have not been able to replicate the data loss, and it was not catastrophic for me

The only thing I can think of is that somehow autosave’s didn’t occur. This doesn’t explain why my outlines didn’t open, but hopefully I have given enough data points here to create a replication test.

Data Loss

Somehow when I opened Fargo this morning I had an older version of my outline which did not contain the blogpost I did yesterday.

The interesting thing is that the blog post and dat ais also not found in any of the previous versions of my opml file which I checke on the dropbox site.

Could it be something wrong with the wordpress functionality?

This post will help me learn.

I updated my post multiple times, maybe that can account for the loss

Another update with a link

Posting again, some time later

Looking for antenna advice

I’ve been doing a lot of CW work in the past few months, mainly on 20-30-40 meters

I have a great wooden widow’s walk on the roof of our Austin Home, I can affix almost anything to it, but again, its wood.

I’m looking for advice on a great antenna, vertical multi-band feels like the right way to go, but maybe I should consider a different approach?

  • An inverted V that goes all the way to the ground?
  • A Dipole?
  • ?? ??

Any advice is highly appreciated!

Please leave comments below