UPD update

A short update on the Ultimate Podcast Device

Since posting my original concept video,a lot has transpired. I found a partner for the project in @smittyhalibut who has been working with me on bringing the hardware to life.

We met on Google+, in the DIY Audio group, pretty much the only good thing to ever come out of G+ for me.

After several weeks of planning, we decided to take a modular approach, tackling the hardest piece first;

A full channel that goes from Mic pre-amp, to noise gate, to tone control to compressor limiter to audio out. Analog-out at first, digital will be the next rev.

Once we have this nailed down, we start integrating multiple modules into the mixer and the secondary busses.

Today I’m pleased to show you our baby pictures, Serial #1 is alive!

Audio tests etc will be next.
Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “UPD update

  1. Looks like this is progressing well from the thrown together bits and pieces to a custom build system! Can’t wait to see the end result and this being used on No Agenda in production 🙂

  2. Congratulation, guys! Good to see the project advancing. This is going to be one handy box for those of us thinking about getting into podcasting. It will save a lot of guesswork for us noobs.

  3. Don’t know if you have any plans for gain structure control, but would be cool to have an LED at each stage that illuminates at some amount (12 dB?) before clipping. Love your idea!

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