My River


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The design and implementation of the first beautiful River2 template was a community project. Credits.

var jsonFeed = ‘;;
var jsonCallback = ‘onGetRiverStream’;

Switch to compact view

Updated ${dateFormat(metadata.whenGMT, ‘timeDate’)}

{{each(f,feed) updatedFeeds.updatedFeed}}

{{if feed.websiteUrl}}{{/if}}{{if feed.websiteUrl}}{{/if}}
{{if feed.websiteUrl}}{{/if}}${feed.feedTitle}{{if feed.websiteUrl}}{{/if}}

${dateFormat(feed.whenLastUpdate, ‘timeDate’)}

{{each(i,item) feed.item}}

{{if item.title}}
{{if item.body}}

{{each(t,thumbnail) item.thumbnail}}





var imageUrl = ";;
var imageTag = "“;
document.write (imageTag);

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