BitTorrent Sync-ing The No Agenda Show

This morning when DropBox went down, I learned from a tweet that BitTorrent Sync provides an open source and free alternative to the centralized file services.
So lets give it a go by distributing the No Agenda podcast, shall we?
I have set up a read only folder on one of my machines to seed the show. I presume it only reaches economies of scale if lots of people have the file and keep it in their shared folder, so please do so we can see how effective it is.
Get a copy of bitTorrent Sync here
When you’ve installed it, you will want to use this ‘secret’to sync with the folder
Post a comment here to let me know if it worked for you!

180 thoughts on “BitTorrent Sync-ing The No Agenda Show

  1. Downloaded the whole show in 25 seconds. I’ll keep it up and running goring forward, my good man. Crackpots UNITE!

  2. Not working on Ubuntu 12.04 so far. I am working through a couple of threads now by people with the similar issues.

  3. I really like how BT Sync works but it’s NOT open source. It looks ok but I hope that now somebody make an os alternative.

  4. Works great on CentOS 6.4. Placed the target folder into an ownCloud synced folder so now it also automatically goes to all my synced devices as well. ITM!

  5. Working here on Mint 15. It looks like everyone has synced for now. I hope this system is used by more people.

  6. @adamcurry it shouldn’t matter for using it as a distribution method, it works really well and it’s not dependant on a central server which is the point here. BitTorrent is public anyway. But, as usual, if you want something to be secure you must encrypt it first.

  7. Set up the sync. Will look into it more some other time. Seems malware bytes software auto blocks outgoing information so need to look into that before I can actually send stuff it seems.

  8. Just set this up on all my computers. This will help get past all the networking share issues I have with transferring files from my PCs to my Mac, and we will begin using it for our podcast and video archives as well (click my name for podcast link if interested).

    The only thing I would like to see added to BTSync in the future is to be able to selectively choose what files get synced, rather than all-at-once-get-every-file. Perhaps opt-in download options (download the latest # of files, or by file size or within a time space), and pruning (remove files older than X days). That is what i like about the iTunes podcast settings, you can keep your podcast archives lean.

  9. continued: however, after posting I realized that “selectivly downloading” files would prevent the whole peer-to-peer, decentralized server thing from working. Never mind that idea, lol. Spreading the load is much more preferable.

  10. Hope the next episode will be available asap :P. I think of using this as an easy cloud server kinda thingy with my home server I’m planning to set up once I can change my name lol

  11. I think I am starting to see the problem with using BitTorrent Sync as a distribution method.

    Right now I am syncing the June 2nd episode. Pulling it down from the “NA File Server 2” anywhere from 200Kbps to 400Kbps. From everyone else, anywhere from 0.1Kbps to 1Kbps.

    Everyone is downloading it all from the “central” server all at once, and their speed differences are not large enough to really make the peer-to-peer speed benefits available.

    This only effects people who are up to date with the sync. If someone new jumps in, their sync will make the most use out of the peer-to-peer system with fast downloads of the whole archive.

  12. @Rob Shepard: I’m pretty sure this is how bitorrent is supposed to work, and after one other person gets the file, it is exponential. Although speed may not be that different, it removes two important factors; automatic distribution and cost. This is a big deal.

  13. @Adam: oh im aware of that, no mistake about it. My podcast co-host and I are actually using it right now to have redundant backups of all of the podcasts and internet radio shows we individually did since 2004, and with his internet access being someones random open Wifi in his apartment complex (and flakey internet at that), this trickle of data over the course of the day without fail is a godsend. It sucks losing a piece of history, especially if it was history that you yourself were a part of.

    i just start to wonder at what point, if this does become a future for podcasts, would people begin to say “i dont really want every single episode on my local machine” and start deleting files. From the looks of it, once I delete old content, it doesn’t resync back to the folder. This is good for pruning, but there also doesn’t seem to be an easy way to redownload previously deleted files.

    It reminds me, though not exactly the same, of the problem I see happening with podcasts right now with RSS feeds where the XML files get so large, and are accessed so many times per day per subscriber, that podcast producers are limiting the number of episodes in the XML feed. For timely shows this isn’t that bad, but for, as you would say on NA, “Evergreen” shows, there are times where I would love to go back in the archive and listen. If the XML feed limits to a set number, I may not be able to easily do so, and have to then search a website. One such show, now no longer in production, is the old show Retronauts. Each show was a singular discussion about the history of gaming, my favorites being the Atari and Commodore 64 ones. Once the show went off the net, I quickly downloaded each and every episode, though it took time because I had to dig around their website to get them all.

    With this not being open source, it does limit the scope. The technology behind it is great, but more customized front ends for specific use cases could make it even better. Imagine a “BitTorrent Sync for Podcasts” or even a No Agenda Sync front-end.

    Keep up the great work Adam, cant wait for Thursday.

  14. I set this up on a virtual Linux server of mine. The Linux version’s configuration is a little rough around the edges, and when running it’s uncomfortably quiet (it runs as a daemon and logs very little), but it seems to be doing its job… Just episodes 517 and 518 for now, yes?

  15. That’s the only drawback I see. It goes slow because if everyone is primed and waiting when you first add it to the folder, everyone is trying to get it with only one real seed. Only way it would be fast is if you only start the program after a lot already have it. On the other hand, it is automagic and free of a central server other than Adam. I like it!

  16. dewtheone: I think you should give the makers of BTS more credit. I’m pretty sure it isn’t “democratic” in startup. Not all clients start downloading at the same time. But what you don’t know won’t hurt you. So maybe you will start DL 5 minutes later.

  17. Just got episode 519 within minutes of Adam tweeting it’s release – brilliant ! Even auto imported in iTunes – last thing to solve is to have it finish in the “podcast” section automatically. Ideas ?
    BTW unsubscribed from iTunes as of now.

  18. Works great, going to see if I can get it to work on my phone so I don’t have to use a podcast app just for NA show lol

  19. Maybe the primary seeds coiuld have the show automatically copied with SSH to the prime seeds to prime the BitTorrent Sync. I assume we all then have to setup our own RSS feeds on our home servers so we can point our Podcasting apps at it?

  20. I think “Most-Recent-Show.mp3” is a bad idea in that it forces a sync of the same show twice, kinda like iTunes only not as bad. If BTSync can handle a symbolic link, that would be better. Unless it IS a link and Winders forced a complete copy.

  21. There is a BTSync app for android “BTSync installer” from Cutlass Software (Russian based) I think I’wait till the experts vet it 🙂

  22. Works great! I like the format with the show notes and folder layout. Very easy to track down! BTW, I’m not crazy about the idea to make all shows available on this secret – set it up as a separate secret if you’re considering putting all shows up so we don’t suddenly start D/Ling 500+ shows!

  23. China has major packet filtering of unencrypted torrents. (slow transfers)
    I wonder who this is connected to the network?
    中共中央习办PC (google translation) Office of the CPC Central Committee Xi PC

  24. I setup the client on OS X.8.4 and choose standard setup, instead of adding the ‘secret’ right away, now I try to add the ‘secret’ and sync to my Mac, error popup window says “Selected folder is already added to BitTorret Sync.”

  25. I removed the App, Preferences and Application Support folder, then reinstalled using the ‘secret’ during setup, now it is going.

  26. Adam, you should put all 519 shows on BTS (or maybe with different secret, to let people choose),

  27. By request, The $hill has set up a folder for the ENTIRE archive of shows.

    the total filesize is about 47GB, so make sure you really want it and have required resources to acquire it (bandwidth, storage space etc)

    to get the goodness, add a folder using the following “secret”: RLGFHCNBWGT5KP6ETVX3E33ER4ORXOZIL


  28. Setting up a new folder sync with the original secret… syncs many more older episodes than what you started with. And when I copy the secret from the program, it’s different than the original post. Might have to keep an eye on this.

  29. Looks like the entire show archive is being sync’ed from the older key now too. I don’t need, and can’t wait for, the whole archive to transfer, thus I won’t be using this method.

  30. I saw that latest show added to the original key, and that worked just fine. I don’t see the entire archive being added to the old key though. Its working fine by me.

  31. Got it working on my Linux box. A quick how-to for the people like me, who struggle to make sense of it all when reading the directions:
    1 – download and unpack the tarball
    2 – run the executable
    3 – point your browser to localhost:8888/gui/
    4 – accept the terms… (I think there’s a button or something)
    5 – click the Add Folder button
    6 – browse to the folder (or type the path directly in the “Path” field) where you want all the torrent-ed files to land
    7 – In the “Secret” field, paste the 33-character key that Adam sent in his email. It begins with “RMH…” and ends with 30 more characters.
    8 – wait around a while. Maybe refresh the page or something. Watch the magic!

  32. Everything is peachy here. I’m downloading and sharing like crazy. A different archive directory as in the original plan would be nice though.

  33. Original secret works fine. But i added the secret for entire archive but it isnt downloading anything (i waited 24h before posting this, to make sure.)

  34. Folks,
    Any idea how to automate ID3 tagging for the downloaded MP3 to be recognized as podcasts “out of the box” ? It would seem the Apple is using a “home brewed” ID3v2.2 technology for this.
    Suggestions welcome (I guess we might build something around Automator for this).

  35. Not working for me at least – the MP3 are imported as music by Itunes (v11 – Mac). I have to manually edit the tags. Not a big issue but would be the icing on the cake 😉
    Anyone else seeing otherwise ?

  36. Did you guys get Bittorrent Sync to work with the NA archive? I see peers but it shows 0 bytes in size. Maybe I got the wrong secret? Maybe there’s something going on? The Bittorrent Sync secret for the regular episodes is working great. Thanks!

  37. Isma: It seems like all of us who have 0 bytes are syncing between each other, while the original seed isnt there.

  38. Isma and Szymon, I was able to download the entire archive of shows on the original R5N secret. The RLG secret never worked for me.

  39. Jay: I think the R5N is only for the episodes uploaded after May 31st and I did get to download all of them. The RLG is for the full archive (from episode 1 I must assume?). As Szymon says, I get 0 bytes, but I’m not syncing with anyone since my directory is completely empty and my speeds are 0kB/s.

  40. Isma: Did you try the R5N key again? It was originally just new shows, but it has since been updated to hold the entire archive.

  41. Jay: You were right, I had an older secret, I guess. It’s now successfully downloading. Do you know if this one will still carry new episodes as well? (ie. I can have just one NA feed for both new shows and archives).

  42. The Archive will of course also have the most recent shows, but I don’t control that so you will get it from me the fastest, as in before it even goes into the rss feed. I also may drop other goodies in there, like show notes or other special files. Ya never know.

  43. BTSync is working at full throttle downloading archives. Can’t wait to listen again to the first episode! Do you have the secret for the most recent show feed? I just lost it 😦

  44. Ok, today i deleted the secret, and added it again (the R5N one), and it works, at full speed of my internet connection.

    I must say the speed is very high all the time, this thing is faster than standard Bittorrent

  45. I’ve set up btsync this morning and I am using the “only new show” secret key (from Adam’s “Sixty-Nine Sunday” email) (RMH37SO4ZAJQORGFO7Z3TAIXY2CQYODHE). I only got one peer “nibbler” and it wasn’t that fast to download.

    Has everyone jumped over to the “full archive” secret?
    I expected to see many peers.
    I can’t host 42 GB of show and the bandwidth that goes with it.

    I did test out the “full archive” and saw lots of peers pop up.
    I might stick with the Bitlove + flexget + deluge.

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  47. Ok I am a bit confused, I first added Adams sync since 05/30 with the R5N key. Now I do another folder and follow above instructions to get the whole archive with that key? It seems to work, but I’m puzzled as to what changed and why it works. Has anybody thought of a good way to share or summarize all secrets?

  48. One more comment, I seem to only be uploading at incredibly slow speeds of usually 1.5MB/s), will this increase once I get more of the archive or could there be a problem that I need to solve?

  49. unemployed dutch graduate: One thing you can try, is tick the “Search DHT network” in shared folder’s properties.

    You will get more devices that way

  50. I don’t get why Adam doesn’t just have 1 file on the last show folder. It’s simple just delete last show and add the latest… you could have other shared folders (monthly folders or whatever) but at least have 1 folder with *JUST* the *LATEST* show and 1 folder with *ALL* shows, that’s be a lot simpler for someone who just wants to get started and get the latest.

  51. by the way unemployed dutch graduate is right about the lack of peers on that last show secret.. if Adam could update the original post with both secrets I suppose we’d get more people sharing.
    I was getting the big folder with all shows @ around 3MB/s this one is just 30kb/s..

  52. @Jack: Is that what peeps here want? Totally ok by me. Just one file in the folder, with any relevant extra bits, including a text file explaining how to get the entire archives. Everyone on board?

  53. Please switch the recent episode to one secret and the archives to another. I’m trying to run the btsync server on a Raspberry Pi and downloading the archives kills the machine with all the archive downloads. I’m happy to host the most recent show but not too happy with the large archive until the BT people sort out CPU usage issues

  54. I like the idea. Also, I’m running 1.115 which is not backwards compatible. Is anyone else having issues syncing NA files with 1.115?

  55. Adam Curry: We need 2 bts secrets: one with most recent show with shownotes; second with archive of all the shows.

    Also you can mention which version of btsync are you using. (As some new versions are not backwards-compatible)

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  57. @Isma : No problem here with version 1.0.134. Maybe you should update to the latest version.
    @Adam Curry At least create a new secret for just the latest show, which is what most people want. Please post it here so we can help, thanks for the show you guys do a great job.

  58. @Jack, I’m running 1.1.15 which is, in fact, the latest version. Looks like the auto-update is not working yet. The developer says there’s no backwards compatibility (which stinks) and the “server” would have to update to the latest version. As you just said, 1.0.134 works just fine. 1.1.15 improves CPU performance which was very much needed in my case as I was running a Pi as the sync server.

  59. @Isma ah, 1.1.15, thought you meant 1.0.115. So you’re saying you can’t make it work with 1.1.15 because the “server” (by which you mean the creator of the secret right?) is on a lower version? If Adam changes the version then we all need to change?

  60. @Jack you are correct. By server I mean the creator of the secret. In theory, if Adam upgrades to 1.1.15, the sync should resume.

  61. So can I do the following? Upgrade to 1.1.15 and just remove the archive in that particular folder, and thus only sharing the most recent episode, which will be named appropriately. The full Archives are not maintained by me, so I have no control over what happens there.

    Are we in agreement that this will work?

  62. A btsync share with only the recent episode and show notes (in text or HTML) would be perfect.

    I like the idea of the full archive as well and hopefully The Shill ™ can continue to maintain that.

  63. @adamcurry Yeah that’d be perfect. When you do upgrade please post the new secret here so we can upgrade too and set the new shared folder. Also show notes are fine in txt or HTML.

  64. I’m syncing with secret key RMH37SO4ZAJQORGFO7Z3TAIXY2CQYODHE and BitTorrent sync 1.0.134 on Ubuntu 12.04. It is working fine. Now only the latest show + notes. I didn’t update BitTorrent sync, but the status page on my installation says “up to date.”

  65. If you upgrade to 1.1.15 you will get the 0B in 0 files thing, tons of people connected but only device IPs and not names. Apparently 1.1.15 is a huge upgrade that is not backwards compatible and, apparently, will not work until the process that generated the key is updated to that same version. I don’t know if it will work the other way around. We will have to wait until Adam updates his btsync (or we can downgrade to 1.0.134).

  66. I just had a conversation with the developer and they’re releasing 1.1.22 in 6 hours and will not be backwards compatible with 1.1.15 or 1.0.134 as there will be lots of changes. I would hold the upgrade until 1.1.22 is ready.

  67. This seems to be working great. What a sweet program. I’ll probably use this for backups with my family’s computers. Ill definitely be seeding No Agenda. If I can make this work for me I’ll send my cloud backup money to NA.

  68. I think I’m back online, but let me clarify:

    R5NSJBPWKW52OO5HCY27JUHKZSKOFAR2D (the one in the blog post) syncs the whole archive

    RMH37SO4ZAJQORGFO7Z3TAIXY2CQYODHE syncs the latest

    Maybe this needs to be clarified in the post?

  69. Dunno if two secret keys can share one folder, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Beware! The archive is 47GB, and you’ll be seeding it.

  70. bittorrent sync had alot of upgrades in the past week, seems to me it breaks stuff
    I went from linux 64 bit 1.0.134 to 1.1.27 (current version) and now nothing downloads for RMH37SO4ZAJQORGFO7Z3TAIXY2CQYODHE (most recent only)
    or R5NSJBPWKW52OO5HCY27JUHKZSKOFAR2D (4.7GB all shows)
    the original seeder probably needs to upgrade clients too.
    (I also tried a clean install, removing all .sync/ and .Sync* files)

  71. Looks like >/= 1.1.26 isnt compatible with older versions, so all please update clients

    There is Sync new build: 1.1.27

    It will be released today thru auto update, please let us know how it will work for you.

    Please note that 1.1.26 is not compatible with previous builds due to a bug with tracker and relay selection.

    1.1.27 (July 4, 2013)
    – Bug fixes;
    – Fixed DHT option.

    1.1.26 (July 2, 2013)
    – memory leak on Windows
    – high CPU
    – fixed tracker & relay selection
    – don’t create backup copy of file when only modification time is changed [/quote]

  72. I think for right now we need a FAQ. It would have all secrets, maybe links to setup instructions, the current NA version. I’d be willing to maintain it and host on my home connection. I couldn’t get to it for a few days. We moved Monday and my wife realized she needs to downsize drastically. It’s putting a halt to my computer fun. 😦 The bonus is I get to listen to NA while we work. It kills her because she loathes the show but I win!

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  74. So both of my machines are now updated to 1.1.27, but neither of them are showing any clients (or files). Is there a new key for the Latest sync? Or should the DHE key still work?

    My assumption is that the key should still work as the sync I have set up between the two machines (for my own files) is still working. But I did read somewhere in this thread that a key had to be recreated in the past after a previous upgrade.

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  76. I’ll start working on it Monday. I finally got my tiny office somewhat set up. It’ll be nice to focus on something other than endless boxes of stuff.

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  78. Some messed up stuff with the NA archive i noticed; Can someone can enlighten me if this is a problem with the actual archive or maybe the filing system of windows on my PC not ?

    If the latter is true, here the files that are filed wrongly by #: Seems I got only 528 (Sync only shows 527 files actually) files after episode 529 downloaded. After I sorted on # to check the archive, it seems a lot of the numbering is wrong. Below a summary of missing #, wrong and double counted #s (22 files do not have a #):

    double: 8, 422, 429, 434, 446
    missing: 12, 13, 23, 158, 159, 160, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 290, 310, 322, 368, 442, 452, 458, 485, 488, 489, 493, 494
    wrong: 705, 2990

    Hopefully someone can inform me and make the archive worthy for the best podcast in the universe!

  79. Sorry for the delay on the FAQ. My wife and I discovered that our apartment has two circuits. One for the kitchen and one for the rest of the apartment. If we want to run the air conditioner we need to run an extension cord to the kitchen. I’m finally setting my machines up minus my radio. Once I figure out the power strip configuration I’ll be back in business!

    Gotta love these 90 year old Chicago three flats. Especially when one is gutted by a fire.

  80. Works great and works great from the no agenda nation archive as well. It seems to be more reliable than my rhythmbox subscription was and is very fast. If I’m not mistaken it expends less resources from the shows side (due to the seeding) which is a great bonus and hopefully will lessen the vulnerability of relying on central services.

    Great idea thanks for suggesting it.

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  88. Anyone want to take the FAQ task up? Commonwealth Edison has seen fit to provide the building with nice voltage fluctuations dipping down to the low 70s so far with a high of 107. All my machines are off until it gets fixed or we move in a year.

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  91. Not sure if it’s to late for Adam to see this but it would be great if you made one with only the 5 latest shows so those of use who have an ultrabook, or just don’t want to dedicate 40+ gb of drive space to this. Great i idea using this program anyways.

  92. Proud producer here, have setup BT Sync so I can propagate the show. I’m on latest version of BT Sync, 1.1.48. The current shows are syncing fine, but the archive shows 0 files. This is the secret key I have for the archive: RLGFHCNBWGT5KP6ETVX3E33ER4ORXOZIL

    Hopefully Eric the $hill is looking at this and can address it. Thanks!

    Adam and John, please enjoy your well deserved vacation.

    73 de N4IXT / @ArcaneLiberty

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  95. Decentralization and Diversity are the only constants. Here is a succint how-to for any and all of you, the waking. Y’all feel free to repost, publish and point to:
    Let me be clear; In the morning, when we wake up, we are as generous as the ocean.

  96. Closed source means no control. How can this be a long term solution?
    For that matter, I’m surprised I’m reading this at If they decide
    this blog goes away, it goes away. Again, no control? Why not host it on your personal server?

  97. The BitTorrent people have said they will be making this open source, but they aren’t quite ready yet. So once that happens I think we can consider it viable, until the we take a gamble and hope they follow through on what they say.

    I believe Adam hosts many of his other sites, but you are right WordPress could make it go away. Sometimes it is a trade off you have to make, risking that happening versus the time it takes to set it up and host it yourself, including maintenance, service patches, and the like. I host my own blogs ( and on WordPress so they take care of maintenance and overhead, and I can use my time to produce content.

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  99. Instructions on the BT sync site and the NA site are shitty at best. The app needs work. App asks to scan qr code, does not scan. It seems to me that there are far too many steps for such a simple exercise. How are you supposed to scan a qr code on your phone when you are using the phone? Why is there not just a link like any other other torrent. Would love to use it but my god it is painful.

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