My Ultimate QRP Rig

Here’s what I would want it to be

  • All bands
  • AM FM SSB CW Digital
  • Integrated paddles/keyer
  • Have a display that decodes digital modes
    • PSK31 / CW / JT65 / WSPR
  • Speaker so you can monitor sidetone and digital regardless of how the rig is connected to a computer or other audio device
  • Simple way to connect a high end mic/pre-amp/audio studio
  • 5-10 Watts
  • Internal Antenna Tuner
  • Internal Battery, rechargeable
  • Wire Antenna connector and BNC, switchable
  • Small footprint, of course
  • Compatible with OSX for Panadapter, rig control and Digital modes

Did I just describe the KX3?

2 thoughts on “My Ultimate QRP Rig

  1. Looks pretty complete, I’ll take one. When you approximated $1600 for the KX3 package did that include the Panadapter with it. I know the KX3 is $1000 itself built, just wondering what the Panadapter does for you. If I don’t know what it does, I probably don’t need one at this point.

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