2013 Hamvention Product Announcements

Moving the twitter thread to the wp blog.

  • There doesn’t appear to be a central place that aggregates the new product announcements at this year’s Hamvention.
  • Maybe there aren’t any?

If you’re at the show, that have you seen?

I’m particularly interest in new QRP rigs.

16 thoughts on “2013 Hamvention Product Announcements

  1. Not at hamcom this year, but have friends there looking for me. I have the Elecraft K3 line, and loving it. But wishing I had a KX3 for mobile/portable.

    Also considering the new CrankIR antenna from stepir.com. $379 at Dayton. In the meantime, I use my home made OCF dipoles.

    Difficult wish list with a much more limited budget nowadays.


  2. I’m really leaning toward the KX3, because it seems to have so much of what I want from a QRP rig. Especially the 10watts, the internal ATU and forthcoming 2m module.
    Also really like the integration of the Key and the PSK/31 and CW decoding features.

    All that AND its an SDR? Pretty sweet.

    Biggest hurdle for me is price. Holy crap. About $1600 before all is said and done.

    That’s 2 new FT-817NDs!

    Using a variety of end-fed and wire antennas here. Been a bit shit lately due to conditions from the CME. Still getting out ok, but reception is definitely poor.

  3. I’ve owned a Kenwood TS2000 and an ICOM 706MIIG for HF. I used both for mobile, as well as the TS2000 for home. Before I bought the Elecraft K3, I had been leaning toward a Ten-Tec, since I had operated the Omni VII we use at the NWS office. Both Elecraft and Ten-Tec are very good equipment, and USA companies. But after researching Elecraft, I decided to go with them. I have NOT been disappointed. Their customer service is excellent, bar none. The equipment speaks for itself. I also enjoyed assembling the kits. We often get what we pay for. Not always, but often. However, I had a lot of fun with the 706MIIG and the TS2000. So cheaper is not necessarily wrong. That said, I bought the K3 expecting I would be using it for a very long time.

  4. I should mention I have an IC7200. Really great rig, but definitely not for travelling or QRP 🙂
    Super happy with its performance, the digital connector through USB and the DSP is pretty decent. For some reason I never liked the keyer much. For that I prefer my youkit HB1B. Which is now unfortunately on the fritz. You get what you pay for with the Chiner stuff I’m afraid.

  5. Noticed I needed to correct a typo in my web site for my posts here, not that it is important. Probably should have left it blank.

    Icom has some nice radios. I know a couple of guys with IC7000 mobile rigs, and they seem happy. But for mobile HF, the antenna is probably more important than the rig. I have a large HI-Q mobile HF antenna for that. Need to mount it on the latest auto, but waiting to get a new mobile HF rig, which is why I’ve been considering the KX3.

    Just got back from the Fort Worth National Weather Service office SKYWARN radio desk, working storm spotters for the severe weather. Glad to get home early for once. Still have to unwind. Too much lightning to hook up the HF rig though.

    There are some pics of the OCF dipole antennas I helped build http://k5mot.net/OCFDipole if that is of interest. They have held up well.

  6. I’m starting to rethink my mobile/portable HF plans. The Elecraft list had a recent posting about a new “Elecraft K3/0 MINI” announced at Dayton. I know many are doing remote radio control via Internet now. This may continue to get easier and cheaper going forward, if remote hardware and methods keeps improving. I’ve never been impressed with remote control via computer programs. But having the same or very similar hardware for remote radio control would be something to look at. Ideally, radios will eventually include an Internet connection built-in.

    I’ll still want a mobile/portable HF radio, since Internet isn’t going to work or be available everywhere. But with a good home radio and antenna system, remote access via Internet could be a great fall back on trips.

    From the list…
    “FULL K3 panel – only 2″ deep with stereo speakers in the back and RS-232 for the RemoteRig box. Should be available in the late-July/early-August timeframe. No RF (of course), but PERFECT for remoting a K3 (much better than using a KX3, since the translation of controls is 1:1. Pricing, according to Eric will be $699”

  7. The more I read about the KX3 and the more videos I see about it, the more I”m interested in an FT-817ND

    I’m not sure why this is happening to me..typically the hi-tech solution would appeal more to me, but something is tugging me toward the 817. Go figure…

    As for a $700 front end? Hmmm

    Also, I’ve gotten very interested in the xmlrpc capabilities of fldigi. This app can do some pretty cool stuff.

  8. I have no experience with the Yaesu FT-817ND. I am using a FTM-350 VHF/UHF mobile rig I bought new from a friend. Several years ago, we got employ discounts via the earlier Yaesu / Motorola relationship. No major complaints on it so far. However, I was disappointed with Yaesu customer service. So I removed them from my list of potential sources for HF. I had considered Yaesu for HF due to the employee discount, but their poor customer service could not even over come that generous discount.

    For all mode mobile, I might have chosen the ICOM IC-7000 instead. But I picked up the lessor FTM-350 just to get VHF/UHF and APRS back in the car, while I was considering the expensive Elecraft K3 for home.

    Another input I used in choosing the K3 was the Sherwood radio reviews. He tends to show some of the strengths and weaknesses of receivers, which can be an important factor. But in the end, cost can be the deciding factor. I don’t see the FT-817ND on his list yet, but maybe he will add it sometime.


    But in the end, the final choice depends on your requirements, budget and normal usage.

  9. I ordered a new FT-817ND today.

    A couple of reasons, not the least being that I got it for $670, and I’m pretty ure I can re-sell it for around that price at any time, or at least without too much loss

    The 2M is a big deal for me when mobile, even though I rarely am on VHF/UHF in the home shack.

    There are a lot of interfacing options, but my favorite has to be the Android apps and interface from Wolphi, who have a couple great digital apps that I’ve used. This is truly minimalistic stuff when QRP and mobile. Check out the PSK31 demo with an FY-817: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7UzgKdX_nr8


  10. Congrats on the choice Adam, wish I could make my mind up. Now you have given me more options to look at. The FT-817ND does look like a good choice since I wanted a 2M option for mobile and QRP HF capability at home.

    What I really desire for home ops is being able to quickly interface a MacBook to an HF radio (wireless would be ideal) and use something like fldigi or HDR to communicate using the digital modes or CW. Since I don’t know CW yet I figure this would be a good start. I think I could do this with either the FT-817ND or the KX3.

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