YouKits HB-1B Transmit problem

Today While tuning an antenna my HB1B suddenly dropped in transmit power from it’s regular 5watts to less than 500mw

I am presuming that I blew something up

Does anyone have any experience with these rigs and this particular problem?

Is it something I can fix myself, or at least diagnose myself?

Receive still works fine

28 thoughts on “YouKits HB-1B Transmit problem

  1. I have never seen the YouKits radios, but your description would elude to one or two problems. Either the radio is not happy with the load from the tuner and the SWR foldback circuit is reducing your power, or your TX final amplifier transistor has failed. Drive the TX into a dummy load and measure power. If the TX output is 5 watts, the problem is in your antenna system/tuner. If the power is still 500 mW, check and replace final PA device.

    Marc WR2I

  2. I looked at the schematic which shows Q12 to be the final. I am not sure what an “1162” is, but whatever it is, replace it. 2N1162? 2SC1162?

  3. I avoid eBay for RF transistors. Too many fakes. Yours are alledgedly from NH, so maybe you are lucky. All of the parts from China or HK are fakes. Where did you get the radio from? Did you build it? I understand Ten-Tec sells that radio. You could probably get parts or support from them.

  4. I didn’t build the kit, but its from china anyway, so maybe the transistor wil feel right at home LOL
    Where do you usually buy parts?

    BTW, I tried out a random wire on a tuner last night, the transmit results were ASTOUNDING! Japan, Autralia, South Africa. Of course reception was crap, but I’m thinking I want to experiment a bit more with the wire.

  5. It depends on the part really. Chinese fakes do not work, so don’t buy them. Through hole parts are pretty much obsolete, so you really have to know where to look for what you need. I buy current American semi’s from Mouser or Digi-Key. RF semi’s from RF Parts for the most part. They may be more pricey, but they don’t sell fakes.

    I have not had time for radio. I have been doing this crap since I was really young, so I am pretty much bored with it now. I have a ton of gear, but no time or energy for antennas and talking on the air. Also, I find that I have very little in common with hams, so I don’t really get into it like I did way back in the day. Some people call me “the anti ham”.

    Marc WR2I

  6. I totally agree that the OM factor of Ham Radio is actually annoying, but there is a lot of cool stuff going on with digital modes, which is what I’m most interested in.

    And there is a real challenge Im working on, which is decoding human fist CW with an algorithm.

    QRP, QRSS are all pretty interesting, especially with the reverse beaconing networks, where you don’t even need to talk to anyone to see how your setup is performing.

    That said, I see a new interface being able to completely invigorate Amateur radio, from a steam-punk standpoint.

    Stay tuned, we’ll see if I can get you interested again…


  7. Well, my kids are getting me somewhat motivated. I do have a UHF repeater with echolink that is wide area coverage in NY metro area. Privately owned and maintained, my rules, no club politics etc. My 10 year old Daughter is KD2CKE. she has a radio in her backpack at school for emergencies. She is interested in things like space comms that i was never interested in. I suspect she would be into digtal modes that I have not been into yet either. When i was a novice, i could copy 45 WPM CW. I am lazy now and copy around 30 when I need to. I just started to rebuild an antenna rotator and will be working on one of my beams, a Force 12 C3SS. I will be back on the air soon enough. Besides, I have a deep rooted affection for 10m DX. I also have an ETO Alpha 76PA 3 hole custom for 10 meters (monoband) that needs to be restored. All it takes is time.

    It’s cool that you are having fun with this. I am going to start giving back now. perhaps find enjoyment in that. A demo in my kids class will be happening within the next two weeks. I also plan to teach a tech class for them, should they desire the ticket. Fortunately, my Daughter’s teacher is a closet ham (SWL) for many years. He is chomping at the bit for this now, so I am stoked a bit.

    Marc WR2I

  8. Adam, you can get electronic parts quick from I can order stuff Sunday evening and usually have it by Monday afternoon. Warehouse is in Dallas and you get next day delivery from UPS ground. At least that is the case down here in Buda, TX.


  9. Doubling back on this.
    I received the transistor(s) today and soldered it in.
    Immediate success, 5watts on 20meters.
    They included a nice passages from Colossans 1:14 and Matthew 11:28 in the packaging, which already had me thinking they were the real deal and would work 🙂

  10. Marc, I definitely owe you gratitude for this.
    You should’ve seen me when I keyed the rig and the power meter hit 5 Watts… I was literally jumping up and down.

    Its the small things in life I guess 🙂

  11. Adam,
    As I said in my earlier email, it’s time for me to give back. I found your blog purely by accident, when I was searching some old MTV stuff on then and now. I wasn’t sure at first that it was the same dude, but I then concluded it was. I am glad I was able to you out. If it happens again, I would be inclined to figure out why it is happening and fix it.

    On another note that may bring back some memories for you. I am supposed to attend a show tonight with Anvil, Raven, TT-Quick, The Rods and Twisted Sister. I am not sure if I am going to be able to make it though. I found out yesterday afternoon that I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. I don’t think there is any seating at this venue, but I will be calling to find out. If I can sit down, I may go.

    I am still friends with Carl Canedy (The Rods) and Eddie Ojeda (TS) and was hoping to see them tonight. Both of those guys have recorded with my BlueSTone Overdrive pedal.

    Back to Ham Radio…. One thing I really enjoyed way back was modifying CB radios for 10 meters. I have a bunch here and they all need some repairs. I am going to attempt to retrofit MOSFET’s in the final amplifiers, as the original transistors are no longer available and fakes from China do not work. It is QRP and on 10m it is a lot of fun for me, especially from the mobile. That is the project for the weeks ahead.


    Marc WR2I

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  13. I have a friend’s HB1B with a blown final transistor. Interesting I noticed the zener across the final clips at 43 volts but the final is only good for 35 volts… I suspect any swr over 3 to 1 would blow the final. I think I can find the 2SC1162 to replace the final but would rather replace it with something a bit more rugged in term of C/E voltage rating. Has any one found a substitute?? I am looking at the 2SC1969 or 2SC5739 (from the K1) but the pinout is backwards. Any ideas, anyone… Please respond to jwdiggs at earthlink dot net.
    PS, Youkits added a .5 ohm resistor in the emitter lead to stablize the final in the later version.
    Jim K4AHO

  14. While someone is digging around inside their HB-1B- what is the IF frequency? Should be marked on the IF and BFO crystals.


  15. Marc,

    where did you get the schematics for the HB1B? Can you email me a copy?
    Forgot to check be notified of a reply.
    73, Yvon NU6I

  16. Thanks Marc. I have a TJ-5A that doesn’t work in SSB and was hoping that through this source I might get the schematic for it. Emails to Youkits did get a reply to the emails but not to the request for the schematics. I have the HB1B, EK1C, TJ-5A, FG01A and DP1 and I cross my fingers that none dies as there is no support.

  17. I have the same problem it was sending at 5 watts full power then to 2 watts out put final blown due to high rf i didn’t see im still looking for final best i came up with c1162 not an easy fix due to having to take the antenna apart to get the board out but i can do that but still need to make shure of final before purchasing youkits has no scamatic for this rig I’m beginning to think this like all other rigs now days trash can radio when they tare up bye new. Good luck on yours.73

  18. HI, has anybody the schematic of HB1-B (4 Band abt 2013): I have also problems with HF-Power.
    The sceamatic which I have does not match.

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