Strange Data Loss

Yesterday I used Fargo to create this blog post from my main outline

I updated the post several times by clicking on the wordpress icon

I closed my browser last night

This morning, when I opened fargo, my main outline did not open. Instead there was a single outline opened named “Untitled”

I closed this outline and opened my main outline from the file menu

Upon reviewing this outline I noticed that the post from the previous day was no longer in the outline.

I closed fargo and used the opml editor to review all versions of my main outline in the smallPicture folder in my dropbox

I even looked at a full 24 hour’s worth of ‘previous versions’ of my main outline on dropbox, but nowhere was a version to be found with the post in it that I made

I have not been able to replicate the data loss, and it was not catastrophic for me

The only thing I can think of is that somehow autosave’s didn’t occur. This doesn’t explain why my outlines didn’t open, but hopefully I have given enough data points here to create a replication test.

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